Estate Administration Services

Plan for your estate. And make sure your plans are fulfilled. Contact Us

Estate Administration Services

Plan for your estate. And make sure your plans are fulfilled. Contact Us

Who’s the Best Choice for Managing Your Estate?

Even the most well-thought-out estate plans can be complicated to execute, made even more complex by the difficult time in which a family or business might find itself. The personal approach that ANBTX is known for is all the more important in such a time, and the experienced professionals of ANB Trust are ready to help with expert estate administration services.

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Your executor...a job for a friend or a professional?

Many times, people first consider which family member or friend to appoint as executor for their estates. Others might look to an attorney or CPA. 

Giving that responsibility to someone with no experience in estate administration services can be a difficult burden, and personal relationships between the executor and any survivors can make objectivity difficult to achieve. Plus, fees can add up with all the professionals required. Similarly, expenses can be high with an attorney or CPA as executor, with their own charges added to the outside trust services assistance they contract.

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ANB confident your estate is in skilled, objective hands

Appointing the experienced professionals of ANB Trust as your corporate executor offers significant advantages. Our turnkey approach that bundles most estate administration services in one fee can provide substantial savings to survivors.  We can: 

  • Gather, value and manage all your estate’s assets 
  • Pay all debts and expenses
  • Work through any probate process
  • Prepare final tax returns
  • Prepare for any continuation of trust funding or final disbursement to beneficiaries

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Our experienced trust officers can offer customized financial plans as well as provide assistance with personalized investment management products.

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