Trust and Estate Solutions

Look to the future. And plan for all that’s ahead. Contact Us

Trust and Estate Solutions

Look to the future. And plan for all that’s ahead. Contact Us

Gain Control Over Your Future

At ANBTrust, each customer has a different idea of what a successful future looks like. We work with each one to create the trusts and estate planning solutions that can realize that vision. Since 1926, we’ve created a unique strategy for each customer, whether for their personal estate or their business. That’s almost a century of starting fresh every time.

Our estate services have received global recognition for the excellence we provide, but no honor means as much as helping our customers plan, prepare, and protect their future.

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The Process Begins and Ends at the Same Place—With You 

Our estate planning solutions begin with getting a thorough understanding of your current situation and the future you want to see for your assets. Then we build a plan around your needs and your vision, giving you control over the direction of your estate now and in the future, both for you and your heirs. 

Why ANBTrust?

  • We are experts. Since 1926, we have helped thousands of businesses, individuals and families successfully achieve their financial goals.
  • We are accountable. In addition to answering to the trust committee and our board of directors, ANBTrust is reviewed by internal auditors, external auditors and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
  • We are experienced and caring professionals. Our trust officers are experienced and knowledgeable with backgrounds in law, accounting, banking, investment management, tax and business, and we are staffed with sophisticated, seasoned professionals with objective family sensitivities.


Personal Trust

A personal trust account is a helpful, powerful financial instrument that contains both your assets and the instructions for what you want to happen to them.  

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Estate Administration

You have plans for your estate. Make sure they’re fulfilled. Even the most well-thought-out estate plans can be complicated to execute. Let us help.

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Investment Management

Take where you are to where you want to be.
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Corporate Trusts

The personal approach to corporate trust.
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Business Exit Plans

Navigating beyond your business.
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