Personal Savings

Plan for rainy days, expenses to pay, or a retirement far away. With options that help you earn more.

Personal Savings

Plan for rainy days, expenses to pay, or a retirement far away. With options that help you earn more.

Personal Savings Options to Fit Your Individual Needs

Saving money––whether it's a few dollars a day or a larger sum each month––should be part of your overall financial to-do list. Make it a habit of putting money away to help you save each and every day. Just as important? Finding the right solution to help you hit your savings goals. 

Easy and Immediate Access to Your Money

Review These Options to Find Your Savings Solution

Account Description and Features

Best for customers who...

Are under 18 years of age and want to start savingAre just getting started on a savings plan and expect to maintain a low to moderate balanceMaintain a moderate to high balanceMaintain a high balance

Requirements to open account

Less than 18 years of age---

Minimum to open

Monthly service fee$0

$5 or $0

$10 or $0

$15 or $0

Minimum balance requirement to avoid monthly service fee

$0$300 Daily$2,500 Daily
$5,000 Avg Monthly
$25,000 Daily
$50,000 Avg Monthly

Interest tiers

No tiersNo tiers

4 tiers

4 tiers

Additional Savings Account Information

  • Interest is compounded and paid monthly on collected funds.
  • Six withdrawals permitted each month at no cost (excess withdrawal fee temporarily waived).

Start Saving Sooner with a Youth Savings Account

It's never too early to teach your kids (or grandkids) to save. So get them off to a good financial start with our Youth Savings account. It's available for anyone under 18 years of age and there's a low minimum to open (just $50) with NO monthly fee.

Learn About Youth Savings

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Enjoy More Ways to Save with CDs, IRAs, and CDARs


If locking in an interest rate for a period of time makes more sense for you, ANBTX offers traditional time deposits, also known as Certificates of Deposit (CDs) with a variety of terms.  

Or, an ANBTX IRA, which is like a CD except that it's designed specifically for saving for retirement. Individuals (who earn income or receive alimony) can contribute a designated amount each year according to IRS guidelines. It's also a great place to park 401(k) rollover money from a previous employer.

Here is an overview of our CD and ANBTX IRA options:

  • Low minimum deposit of $1,000 to open
  • Competitive interest rates with no maintenance fees
  • Multiple term options––save for as little as one month to five years
  • Fixed interest rate––locked in for whatever term you choose
  • FDIC insured––up to the maximum applicable limits

Learn About CD and IRA


For larger savings amounts, you may also choose to participate in our CDARs program. It’s a smart and easy way to access FDIC insurance on all of your deposits.  

Instead of opening CD accounts at multiple banks (to secure FDIC insurance), let ANBTX manage. As a CDARS Network member, we can place your funds into CDs issued by other financial institution members of the CDARS Network in increments below the FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000, ensuring both the principal and interest are eligible for FDIC insurance.

Here's why CDARs is a great option:

  • One Relationship with a local, community bank
  • One Rate on your entire deposit
  • One Statement that details all of your holdings
  • Multiple term options
  • Peace of mind knowing all of your deposits are FDIC insured

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