Safe Deposit Box

Keep important documents and valuables safe. Take it to the bank. Contact Us

Safe Deposit Box

Keep important documents and valuables safe. Take it to the bank. Contact Us

Safe Deposit Boxes

An ANBTX safe deposit box is a safe, secure, and convenient way to protect documents, valuables, and family heirlooms that you simply can’t afford to lose or misplace. Items such as insurance policies, stock certificates, birth certificates, passports, jewelry, and rare family photos and videos are common items stored in safe deposit boxes.

An ANBTX Safe Deposit Box

Most of our banking center locations have safe deposit box vaults. They are subject to availability and cost varies by box size. (Simply view the list of services for your local ANBTX banking center to see if your location offers safe deposit boxes. )

Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are kept inside a bank vault so you have the peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected and private. ANBTX offers various sizes of safe deposit boxes to fit your needs (subject to availability).

Safe Deposit Box Insurance

The contents of your safe deposit box are not FDIC insured, however, ANBTX offers safe deposit box insurance through Safe Deposit Box Insurance Corporation (SDBIC). We can help you set this up at your ANBTX banking center, or you can contact SDBIC directly at

See below for helpful FAQs on safe deposit box insurance. 

Safe Deposit Box Insurance FAQs

Each policy provides $3,000 of coverage for your important papers such as: titles, wills, deeds, immigration papers, passports, discharge orders, or other important documents or personal mementos. This coverage provides discretionary funds to assist you in obtaining or finding replacements for these items.
Anything you can place in a safe deposit box that is legal for you to own or possess is covered. Whether it is gold, silver, other precious metals, diamonds, cash, currency, gold certificates, bank notes, coins, bonds, securities, jewelry, rare books, stamps, historical documents, lithographs, drawings, sports memorabilia, fine art, antiques, firearms, or any type of collectable; it is covered subject to the limits purchased.
Partially or not at all. There are significant limits on the amounts of coverage limits that are available for property typically stored in a safe deposit box (usually about $1,500), and numerous types of properties like gold, precious metals, cash and coins are not covered at all under a homeowner's policy. You are oftentimes not insured against floods or perhaps even hurricanes under your homeowner's policy. If you use a rider to insure your property, while you may be able to obtain higher limits, all of the other homeowner policy coverage limitations apply, and you must itemize the property being stored in the box and provide third party appraisals for coverage to be effective. The rate for the coverage together with the cost of the appraisal of stored items is almost always higher than the cost of purchasing Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage.
Yes, limits up to $1,000,000 are available. Please contact SDBIC if you desire limits above $50,000 at 224.227.6181 or email us at
Safe deposit boxes are the best storage option to protect your valuables. Unfortunately, they do not protect you against burglaries, robberies, flood, fire, hurricanes, or other man made or natural disasters. When these events occur, they damage or destroy the contents of safe deposit boxes more often than people realize. 
The cost depends on the coverage limit you select. Just choose the amount of coverage limit and find the corresponding premium cost in the pricing schedule. It is relatively inexpensive, with insurance starting at $25 annually for $5,000 of coverage. There is no deductible so there is no out-of-pocket cost when a loss does occur.

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