Mortgage Loans

A full house of loans. For your first or next home. Get Started

Mortgage Loans

A full house of loans. For your first or next home. Get Started

We Have Loans for All Types of Homes

Choose from our suite of traditional mortgage products—fixed- or adjustable-rate loans, jumbo loans, or government-backed FHA and VA home loans. Or select one of our specialty solutions, not offered by many lenders, including: construction, renovation, and land/lot loans. All come with flexible terms, low or no-down payment options, and low rates. 

And don’t forget, the best way to find your way home is to talk with our local lending team who will review your needs and discuss the right option for you.  

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Types of Mortgage Loans



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Enjoy predictable monthly payments with a fixed interest rate over the life of the loan.

The most common term is a 30-year fixed, but other terms also exist (15-, 20-year, etc.)

Buyers who want a set interest rate and consistent monthly payment not affected by market ups and downs.

Adjustable-Rate (ARM)

Have an initial fixed rate, then move to a variable rate that “adjusts” based on market conditions.

The most common ARM terms are 3-1, 5-1, 7-1, 10-1, where the loan is fixed for the initial set term and then becomes variable.

Buyers who want a lower payment initially and/or may plan on moving before the fixed term ends.


Borrow above conforming limits for a larger, or more expensive property.

Terms from 5 to 30 years with a fixed-interest loan and flexible down payment options.

Buyers who need a higher-level of financing than traditional loan standards.


Finance, at a fixed rate, the land/acreage purchase for a future home construction.

Lot loans include terms of 5 or 15 years for up to 25 acres.

Rural land loans include a term of 30 years for up to 200 acres.

Buyers who want to buy land now and build later.


Finance new home construction, with up to 18 months to build.

Flexible terms and loan types and up to 95% financing.

Buyers who want to build a new home.

FHA Loan

Finance with a lower down payment than traditional loans; mortgage is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

Flexible terms with financing over 90/95% (pending credit requirements).

Buyers who may have limited savings for a down payment and are eligible based on FHA requirements.

VA Loan

Receive up to 100% financing and pay no mortgage insurance; loan is guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Flexible terms and up to 100% financing.

Buyers who are eligible veterans, active-duty service members, and their spouses.

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