Lost or Stolen Debit Card

The fastest way to report your lost or stolen card is online or in the ANBTX mobile app.

  1. Sign in online at anbtx.com or on the ANBTX mobile app.
  2. Choose the 'Card Management' option.
  3. Under 'Manage Your Card' choose 'Report Lost/Stolen'.
  4. Click Submit. We'll take if from there. Cards reported as lost or stolen will be replaced with a new card with a new card number and will be sent to you by mail.

If you don't want to wait for a mailed replacement card, you can visit an ANBTX banking center to report your card lost or stolen. We'll issue a replacement card instantly. Find your nearest location here.

Or, you can contact us directly. Our 24/7 support number is 800.736.2189.

reporting your lost or stolen card on the anbtx app

Activate Your New Card

You have several options when it comes to activating your new card:

  1. Call the number on the sticker on your new card. Follow the voice prompts to activate your debit card.
  2. Activate your card from within online or mobile banking. Simply select the 'Card Management' option across the top menu, then select the 'Activate Your Card' option. In the 'Manage Your Card' box, click the down arrow and select the 'Activate Card' option.
  3. Call our customer service center at 1.800.837.6584 for personal support.

Debit Card Travel Notification

If you have travel plans, we can make sure there is no disruption in your debit card service. Simply log in to online banking. Across the top menu choose 'Service Center', then choose 'Service Forms'. There you will find a form called 'Travel Notification - Debit Card Access'. Complete that form with your travel dates and cities. We'll take it from there.