Community Solutions

Connecting Communities... And working to make a difference since 1875.

Community Solutions

Connecting Communities... And working to make a difference since 1875.

Community-First, Community-Focused

When it comes to serving and supporting the residents and communities of North Texas, ANBTX has been here every step of the way. Since 1875, when needs arise in the community, we are ready to help. It's who we are and who we will continue to be—a bank that's community-first and community-focused.

From our local support to our Community Engagement Team to our hundreds of employees that give back to their neighborhoods, schools, and organizations, we remain dedicated to the areas we serve.

Our Priorities

ANBTX is committed...

to serving and strengthening our communities, not only through providing best-in-class financial services from local North Texas bankers, but also through volunteerism, financial education, and economic support.

Meet the Team

As a local community bank, we are only as strong as the communities around us. That's why, for almost 150 years, we've been committed to the businesses, residents, and towns that make up the diverse communities throughout North Texas. 
- Robert Hulsey, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Partners

All of our banking centers work directly in the communities we serve to support their schools, chambers of commerce, and other local charitable groups. 

We are also honored to partner with and support the following organizations throughout North Texas:

  • Builders of Hope
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • South Dallas Fair Park Innercity Community Development Corporation (ICDC) 
  • Harmony Community Development Corporation (Harmony CDC) 
  • SouthFair Community Development Corporation 
  • Mission Oak Cliff
  • Dallas County Office of Small Business Enterprise  
  • Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy
  • Minnie's Food Pantry
  • 5 Loaves Pantry
  • Viola's House
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way

ANBTX recently donated $275,000 support to four local organizations to assist with their revitalization efforts in Southern Dallas County.

Our Support in Action

Check our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for upcoming events and community happenings ANBTX and our employees are supporting. 

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